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Why will anyone ever want to end their lives? Don't they like to live. Don't they have a reason to live, Or They believe dying is the easy way out?
I am definitely not the person who can answer these questions, maybe because i have never been through the situations where quitting is the easier option yet i can raise these questions from the point of view of an indian citizen who is concerned about the SUICIDE OF HOPES that is presently going on in the country.
It's not just one person climbing the tree and hanging himself. It's something, beyond that level. It's the huge number of similar people killing their hopes, in each part of the country.
 An important question that rises is that "Who are these people?"
These people are supposedly the "ANNYA DATTA" or the people who provide us with grains.

Grains is a very small word, merely of six alphabets but for a grain producing country like india, it must be worth golds.
then why do these goldsmiths endin…


I won't talk of Swachh Bharat Abiyaan. (who cares?).

 I do care and so i would like to share a vial piece of information which all of us are aware of. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was an initiaive by our Prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi which I as an Indian citizen appriciated and on my part tried to take further, But my hopes of living in a clean country comes crashing down each time i see a so called "adult", spitting out pan on road or the so called "cool teenagers" unlike me, who buy an ice-cream(to enhance their coolness), open the wrapper and throw it on the road!
It's not that i didn't try to stop them. While this uncle was spitting out pan freely on the road, like it was his birthright, I said out loudly and clearly audlible enough for him.
"WOW", this is Swachh Bharat, thanks uncle, you are making India cleaner for me to live in.
The result was:- He showed me big eyes, the eyes which were bigger than mineand he gestured that he was way t…


Long-term  journalist Dheeraj Sarthak, after making his way into documentary films, these days is busy in making a full fledged commercial film, "WRONG WAY". This is  first film as director, These days, he is shooting the film in Gurgaon, adjacent to Delhi . Being a journalist, Dheeraj Sarthak wants to bring  viewers close to the true stories and therefore his first film is based on a true story. Currently, he refused to give more details about the film Though the making of the film has been kept the same as the real story. The big thing is that most actors are also real life actors. Dheeraj is annoyed by the fact that other film makers claim about the so called "true stories" they present in entirely ficional manner, and this is the reason that his film is different. He believes that it is the audience that determines what the movie is and why that movie is. The Journey to the Light Camera Action  from newsroom for Dheeraj has been a struggle itself. After the mo…